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Bubble tea

What is Boba?

A Brief History of Boba

Though there are a few different stories, boba is most commonly believed to have originated in Taiwan. But what exactly is Boba? These little tiny chewy balls at the bottom of a drink is made from Tapioca.  These boba balls are mixed with brown sugar for flavor which is how they get their distinctive black coloring. The texture is chewy and adapts to the drink’s flavor since the boba absorbs the liquid inside the cup. 


Curious to know what’s inside a cup of boba tea? Come by Sol Flower and grab one! We carry boba green teas, black teas and milk teas. 

Did you know June 28th is National Tapioca Day?

Rice Pudding


Grain gruels are the oldest prepared foods on the the planet. That being the case it stands to reason that rice pudding was invented in Asia where rice was first cultivated on a large scale. 


Rice puddings are found in nearly every area of the world. Such desserts are found on many continents, especially Asia where rice is a staple. Our Rice pudding is made from rice mixed with condensed milk. In Brazil, we call this dessert Arroz de leite. At Sol Flower we have Vanilla, Milk tea, Oreo and Strawberry flavors.  ( During COVID-19, we offer limited flavors. )

Cheese bread and Belgian waffle


Pão de queijo - The Brazilian cheese bread is a small, baked cheese roll, a popular snack and breakfast food in Brazil. Despite being referred to as "bread", these cheese bread are small baked, cheese-flavored balls. It has a spongy texture and comes in the classic flavor, bacon, pesto and sriracha flavor. 


Belgian waffle - Originally known as the Brussels waffle, named after Belgian, they're buttery crisp on the outside, fluffy and light on the inside, with just enough sweetness & crunch to please every palette. At Sol Flower, our Belgian waffle is served with ice cream, topped with whipped cream and your choice of almond slices, boba, oreo or fruity pebbles. No matter which topping you choose, our waffles tastes like pure happiness.

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